Quotes… Inspirational or irritating?

It doesn’t matter where you look nowadays; Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook- quotes seem to be everywhere! Whether it’s the #ElleInspire tweets, a motivational Facebook status by a teenager quoting a celebrity who died years before they were born, or an #instaquote layered over an indie-inspired picture, our social-media led lifestyles seem to be littered with quoting and re-hashing other peoples words.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m a sucker for a good quote. Any inspiring sentence that is relevant to my current situation and I lap it up like a child on Christmas. Retweet it, possibly post it on Instagram, blog about it (!!).

Stylist magazine recently did a feature on ‘100 quotes to get you through the day’: a gold-mine for quote fanatics, covering a wide variety of topics such as fear, friendship, self-belief, honesty, kindness, love, and self-reflection, amongst many others!

blog pic copy

Definitely worth a read if anyone wants to generally feel uplifted and mentally and emotionally stronger! (Issue 214, 26th March ’14

As the decrease in organised belief continues, the rise in self-motivation, development and inspiration rises, and along with it, the use of quotes: whether a lover or loather, they seem to be here to stay.

Upon scrolling through Twitter I came upon this gem:


It may not be an inspirational quote, but perhaps it has the same kind of power.

“There is nothing more risky than pretending not to care”

So tell the people you love that they mean the world to you, smile at strangers you walk past on the street, and be brave with how you feel. After all, your positive thoughts and actions may be something that people quote in years to come!

Till next time,

J xx


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